Green-Screen Facilities

Our Chromakey facilities mean that we can superimpose you in post-production onto almost any background that you can imagine – without ever leaving the comfort & privacy of our studio!

With a professional subscription to Adobe Stock we have access to literally millions of images which can be downloaded & used as backgrounds, so you really can let your imagination run riot – if you can dream it, we can (probably) do it!

So, if you’d like to be pictured in a ruined factory, a sumptuous boudoir, a strange alien landscape or a gloomy castle dungeon, we’ll be happy to access some suitable backgrounds for you to choose from and carry out the post-production CGI work to produce some stunning images for you.

Equally, if you’d just like to be photographed on a plain white, black or coloured background to concentrate attention on your assets, we can do that for you just as easily – just let us know what you’d prefer.

Here is an example of how just one shot (taken against our Green-Screen background) has been combined with various different backgrounds in post-production to produce some amazing final images.